2nd Book Review For October 2017

You may have noticed I have stopped giving “stars” in my reviews. Reason being is that I feel that as the “facilitator” or “pastor” if you will of this fellowship I am responsible for you and the things in which I suggest for you to read, listen to, or study. There are many pitfalls out there that the enemy has set for you, far be it for me to guide you into one.

I will write a review on every book that I read that is relevant how I lead (if that is even the correct terminology) and what I teach. I post these reviews for transparency so that you can see what it is I am learning from, and warn you on the possible dangers that could be lurking as well as the nuggets that you can receive from them. As with everything you do, use discernment when reading anything myself or anyone else suggests to you. Just because you view a person to be an “authority figure” does not mean they’ve got it all together. I don’t have it all together all the, or even most of the time for that matter.

On to this review…

The Rabbi Who Found Messiah is, to say the very least, compelling. It had more than a few stumbling blocks in it for me. At one point the focus was so heavily on Kabbalah and many of the intricacies of it that I was beginning to think that maybe this was a paid advertisement for that sect of Judaism. Raised as a Christian I have many reservations about Kabbalah and reading this particular book has not changed my mind in the least. This is my warning to you: this book refers to Kabbalah extensively in the first 3 or 4 chapters. The Rabbi in which this book is about was very much a Kabbalist. We all were something before we found Yeshua. He was Kabbalah. I don’t know if that ever changed. Moving right along….

There are some very interesting correlations drawn between the Rabbi and the Prime Minister of Israel. I will not give any spoilers on that in this post. I will say this, if you are interested in recent Israeli history as am I, and you are interested in possibility’s of prophetic fulfillment, then this book is worth reading. The bulk of the book is about these types of things. At times I felt that so much of it was completely unnecessary and really thought most of it was just filler, but near the end the author does a fair job of tying it all together.

As a reader, I truly felt that the only things in the book that were relevant to my interests was the first chapter, and the last two. That is not to say  that there was no other valuable information in the balance of the book, I just found that I could have read those three chapters and gotten all I needed from the story.

If you read this book, I suggest doing so with caution and discernment. I do think it has great benefit for believers in Yeshua, just proceed with caution. Download audio book.

I know that there are many who will dislike my warning. That is ok, my responsibility is to you and my Father above.

May Yehovah keep and bless you. May His face shine upon you.

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