Book Review For October 2017

In a word….FANTASTIC! Yes, that is the best word I can come up with to describe D. Thomas Lancaster’s book “Restoration: Returning The Torah Of Moses To The Disciples Of Jesus”.

I honestly do not know where to begin. This book is so multifaceted in it’s explanation and description of ancient near eastern Judaism and how it relates to modern Christians and Messianics, I really am at a loss to find the words to adequately and effectively describe it here in this write-up. I will do my best though.

As far as content is concerned, this book has done two things for me. Number one, it has answered so many questions that I have had that pertain to modern Christianity and why it rejects so much of God’s Word as being relevant today. Things like why Christians do not participate in certain Feasts of God that are blatant described and prescribed FOREVER for all believers and followers of the one true and living God. Number two, it has helped direct me into a greater understanding of who The Messiah really is so that I may better live in love of Him by keeping His commandments. I could go on and on about these two issues, but honestly the author does so much better and more eloquently than I, so I will just leave it to him.

The author is able to clearly express his thoughts in such a way that I spent little time having to go back and re-read sections in order to get what was being said. I found everything to be very easy to grasp and scripture references were used to establish concepts and truths throughout the writing. Even though this book triggered many questions in my mind, through continued reading he consistently answered every single question that he triggered. I hate walking away from a book with more questions at the end than I had at the beginning. That did not happen with this book, and trust me, I had a load of questions at the beginning.

Final word…It is my hearts desire that every believer and follower of Jesus would want to know their savior more closely and deeply. I believe most believers want this as well. The problem lies in the filters in which they have been taught to read the Bible through. These filters taught to many of us at an early age have in many ways disabled us from truly knowing Jesus deeply. We have a concept of Him that may not exactly be a completely accurate picture the person He was and the Messiah He is.  Not to sound like Paul Harvey, but if you read this book (or listen to it on Audible) in just a moment your’re gonna know…The Rest Of The Story.

One last thing. I was so encouraged by this book and so confident that you will be too that I am giving away a free copy to the first 10 people who will text message me at 337-789-7925 and just say “SEND ME MY FREE BOOK” along with your mailing address. Your book will be on it’s way shortly thereafter. You need to hurry because this offer is only good for the first 10 responses. I will delete this portion of the article as soon as the orders are filled, so if you are reading this it is still valid.

May God keep you and bless you….

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