Review of “Awakening to Messiah” by Rabbi K A Schneider

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Messianic Rabbi K A Schneider leads Lion of Judah World Outreach Center in Toledo, OH. He also has a television show called Discovering the Jewish Jesus. I have never seen his show, nor have I attended his fellowship, therefore I cannot comment on those two things. I only mention them as to give you some of his background as it pertains to where he is coming from in his book Awakening to Messiah. I must further confess to you that I had never heard of him prior to finding his book and being moderately intrigued by the name. GLAD I BOUGHT IT!

When I first started this book I started having the notion that this guy is just another crook trying to sell books with no real content. I actually started trying to find out if he was even a real rabbi, and if he was indeed Jewish. This was just my extremely skeptical personality kicking in and has no real basis for consideration as far as this book is concerned. Nonetheless, that is how I was reacting to the first half of the book.

As the book title implies, there is much of his life history in the first half of the book. This is needful in helping to understand the framework of his life and how it brought him into the knowing of Messiah Yeshua.

After about the halfway point of the book(I’m not really sure where as it was a subtle change in my perspective) I began to be very much engaged in his words. He began telling of how the church is supposed to be bringing the Jews into Messiah. This is something that has burdened me for a couple of years now.

He gives some of the best teaching throughout the last few chapters of the book on how we as Christians should approach Jewish evangelism, how to actually help them know Jesus is Messiah, and will help the Christian see that it is YOU that is responsible for bringing in the Lost Sheep that Jesus came for.

This book was going to get a 3 star rating from me because of a couple of beliefs that he holds that are not even doctrinal problems. Sometimes we just have to move on. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater just because you disagree on minor things, and don’t make major things out of minor issues. Just stop it! Anyway, by the end of the last chapter my 3 star rating turned into 5. Order the book.

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