The Mystery of Iniquity (Michael Rood)



4 Stars

Michael Rood is not only controversial to mainstream Christianity, but he can also be very confrontational in his writing style as well. In this book The Mystery Of Iniquity he helps the reader understand from a Hebrew perspective why the Messiah cannot return yet, how soon His return may be, and how Satan has ensnared much of the modern church into looking for a false messiah. Following are a few brief excerpts from the book:

“By teaching error from the pulpit, we have set the snare of Satan that will catch the church in its own comfort zone. Remember, your denominational hierarchy will not be sitting on the throne in front of you on Judgment Day. He will. You will answer to him personally, and you cannot plead ignorance or, that “I was just following orders.” Y’shua gives the orders around here. If you don’t want to listen to him, get out of the way and quit misleading God’s people. Your reward may not be as severe if you decide to quit actively promulgating the mystery of iniquity.”


“….you can try to do this thing on your own, do it your own way, and see how you fare. Business as usual is not going to cut it in the months and years ahead. If you are not living for Him and walking by the Spirit of God now, don’t think that you are going to miraculously change when the economy crashes and you can’t buy a loaf of bread with your entire retirement fund. Do not think that a host of angels is going to descend on your house to keep you warm and safewhile you watch five hours of entertainment TV and eat steak out of the freezer that never goes empty. If Daniel, who fervently sought the Lord all his days, had to wait 21 days for an angel to get through the spiritual battle to deliver such an eternally important message to him, I think it would be wise to assume that the angels are not waiting in the wings ready and available at the drop of a hat to cater to your whims or rescue you in crisis of spiritual negligence. I think it would be wise to dedicate yourself to seeking and doing the will of the Lord NOW so that He can prepare you to take your place in the firefight at hand.”

This book is very strong in its delivery, yet very much needed to be heard in today’s churches. My wish is that every Christian would open their eyes to what is happening. Get the book!

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